Reflective Statement Of A Police Officer

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I began my law enforcement career in 1998 with a very small sheriff’s department with approximately 90 deputies in the entire department. This department did not have written policies, nor a wellness program for its employees. We did not discuss suicides, alcohol abuse, anxiety, or anything involving the mental health of the deputies. That is most likely the reason our department experienced so much inter-departmental dysfunction. It was a regular occurrence for a deputy to be caught drinking and driving, with several being arrested in my four years of employment. The work atmosphere was extremely negative and the employees had no one to talk to about work related stress issues. For a young person in this department, it was very toxic. In 2002, I left this department for a much larger agency, the Metro Nashville Police Department. It was a much needed change and was like a breath of fresh air walking into a positive workforce. I really don’t have the words to describe how much different it was. In looking back, I credit a lot of this to our wellness program. I am now a captain with our agency and serve as our department’s Director of Training. I have been in this position for 3 years. Our agency has nearly 1450 sworn employees with an additional 500 civilians that serve the city of Nashville. Working at the Training Academy, I have the opportunity to oversee all of our training with new police officer trainees as well as overseeing our annual in-service training. In

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