Reflective Statement Of Nutrition

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Preliminary It is undeniable that every human being, need and want nutritious food for the body's growth and development, health care, enthusiasm and a variety of other activities. However, we need to honestly admit, many ignore, dislike and disdain even ignore groceries containing nutritious substances. In my opinion, there may still be many people who do not understand about nutrition, lack of counseling by health workers to be a major factor. Well, on this occasion I tried to share a bit of science about "nutrition" to all steemans, the knowledge I gained during my undergraduate education in sports and health at Shia kuala banda aceh university in 2004. As for several factors that I will lift in my next post is as follows. A. The Benefits of Food Substance B. Food substances that the human body needs C. Symptoms due to malnutrition D. Factors that affect tSubstance Please see the following explanation. I'll explain it now. A. The Benefits of Food Substance Everyone in his life cycle always needs to consume a variety of foodstuffs. Nutrition is a substance derived from food consumed, which has a very important value "depending on the type of food" to: a. Maintain body processes in growth and development, especially for those who are still in its infancy. b. Get energy, to perform daily physical actpull-left Picture Credit Included in keeping the body process in its growth and development is the replacement of damaged cell cells and as a
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