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Reflective Summary of Strategic HRM Meredith Hancock Grand Canyon University: MGT-434 1/11/15 Professor Mike Crawford Reflective Summary Introduction: The Organization evaluation is used to assess the overall performance of The Cellular Store. This performance review is based on the performance management, retention, diversity management, and hiring. This evaluation pays a vital role in employee raises, promotions, and company growth. The objectives established for this year will push the company to higher levels, but still have that hometown feel. These objects address the requirements of The Cellular Store organization, regarding retention, performance improvement, and the implementation of the diversity…show more content…
With the development of effective training programs The Cellular Store will update all the products in the store, train all up and coming management teams to be ready for retirement, and decrease their advertising costs (Generator, 2014). Hiring and Retention The Cellular Store must recruit a quality staff. It is necessary to offer compensation packages that include their pay, holiday hours, and overtime pay. If at their year or semiannually review an exceptional review could possibly result in a pay raise and a promotion. Total compensation will include sick days that accrue 4 hours for every full month worked, vacations days will begin after a year and will go as follows: One year = one week paid vacation Three years = two weeks paid vacation Five years=three weeks paid vacation Ten years= five weeks paid vacation In addition to sick time, and vacation days, the total compensation package will include optional pay raises and promotions at time of review, 401K options, and medical benefits. The new policies are essential in the Employee Handbook that was given to each employee at time of hire. Performance Management Cycle Plan Performance elements describe what have been done and the standards inform how effectively they have to be done. There are five phases to follow to have a successful performance plan. The accomplishment of the performance appraisal process is as follows: Planning work in advance

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