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COM 301 Reflective Writing # 2 (Verbal and non-verbal) Reflective Writing Two A. Verbal 1. What labels, that you dislike, have been applied to you or to groups (for example: ethnic, social, cultural, professional, etc.) to which you belong? Explain how the labels have or have not affected you. One ethnic label that I dislike is the term “Chino” or “Chinks.” I do not like to be referred to as Chinese as Hmong people are not Chinese (people like to use it even though they know that Hmong people are not Chinese). Neither do I like for people to label me by my eyes (in fact, I do not believe that I have small chinky eyes). Although I do not like this label, it hardly affects me at all because it’s not an accusatory label; no one is…show more content…
What do you mean when you are silent? Do you ever use silence strategically? I do not like being label that way! I hate it! People assume that just because I'm short and overweight. I can’t do anything physically active. A person communicate different variety of ways, both verbally and non-verbally. Primates and other animals have been communicating without the use of language since long before humans invented verbal communication. Some scientists believe that even today, most communication between humans is non-verbal. Both types of communication differ significantly between genders and across cultures. What is Communication? It is the use of messages to create meaning within and across a selection of contexts, cultures, methods and media, according to the Association for Communication Administration. It is a learned activity you must learn to speak your native language, operate a cell phone or even use gestures that are common in your culture to make communication. You must also learn to receive and interpret messages from others whether it be in verbal or non-verbal communications. Verbal vs. Nonverbal Communication Verbal communication is best suited to convey specific information, and is better suited to communication through technology over long distances. Nonverbal communication is more immediate than verbal communication, but its meaning is typically more ambiguous, notwithstanding the fact that certain forms of nonverbal

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