Reflective Writing : My Personal Employability Skills

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Reflective writing is evidence of reflective thinking, which is a beneficial learning tool as it allows me to critically think about my personal employability skills. This self-reflection mode of writing allows me to recognise and identify my current skills, strengths, weaknesses, progress and achievements.
Time-management is one of my core academic and employability skills I possess. This skill allows me to prioritise effectively, which includes planning workloads, alongside arriving in a timely manner to places such as work or university. Planning my time for university workloads ' is a strength I have, as I am able to organise and prepare myself, to meet coursework deadlines within the time period
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Figure 1: Gibbs ' Reflective Cycle (2017)
I feel this was a good experience, as it has enabled me to develop and become more independent to further increase my skills, as being out of my comfort zone allows me to explore new depths, which allows me to push past my boundaries in the future, and embrace new changes and challenges.
I was able to make friends easily by applying my interpersonal skills amongst others. This included joining societies as well as, using my communication skills during my seminar group work discussions, where I demonstrated my teamwork skills by co-operating with others during a shared task. Working with others is a vital skill, as I did not only collaborate with them, but learn from them by listening to their thoughts, as we all had diverse ideas and perspectives. This point leads back to my anxiety of interacting within a new environment, which allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and, associate with people from different backgrounds.
Therefore, this was a learning curve experience, as I met new people in the same situation as myself, which made me feel more comfortable and at ease. Personally, I think there 's a first time for everything, and I have been able to adapt to new
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