Reflective Writing : Warren Bennis

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Elizabeth Fallo
EDL 715
Reflective Writing #1
September 25, 2016

Warren Bennis took this discussion as an opportunity to look beyond the exemplars that have existed in leadership positions to a more personal view of the individual and the mistakes that are made. Leadership leads individuals into fascinating careers but often we wonder, “Where have things gone wrong?” Bennis focused on three areas that he considered to be the most common and most fatal mistakes that individuals make in leadership roles. First, he referred to what an individual knows or doesn’t know, then to their contextual intelligence and finally, he speaks of the concept of knowing one’s self. Bennis initially considered those with “tired ears”, the leaders who have stopped listening for one reason or another. He spoke of individuals such as Margaret Thatcher and Julius Caesar as examples of intelligent, influential individuals whose careers or even lives came to end. Those of us looking in, cannot understand how they did not see what was directly in front of them. The warnings to be cautious were handed to Caesar repeatedly but it appears as if he had chosen to ignore them or was it his arrogance that prevented him from “hearing” the messages. People not only marveled at his words, they marched to them. How could he not know what was going on?
Just as Caesar did not accept the signals that appeared to be in front of him, many leaders of today also seem guilty of this same error. Bennis…
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