Refletorical Analysis Of Admira Admiral Mcraven's Speech

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In the speech that I just watched Admiral McRaven first talked about the importance of making my bed in the morning. His lesson behind making my bed in the morning stood for the little things. I believe what he said because I believe the little things do add up. The little things will inspire me to do bigger things and then those things will inspire me to do even bigger things and before I know it I will be doing huge things that will affect the whole world. During the speech Admiral McRaven talked about the importance of having trustworthy people to help you row your boat. This can help me in the real world because I know I can’t do most things on my own. This concept teaches me to be humble and to realize that it is okay to ask for help.
In the speech
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In life there are going to be people who try to push you around but the trick is to not let them and to stand your ground. If you cower down in front of them then the sharks will eat you alive but if you just stand your ground and act like you’re an equal they will treat you as such. I believe people treat you the way you let them treat you. If you let people walk all over you then they’re going to walk all over you, but if you stand up to them and show them they can’t get away with pushing you around they won’t walk all over you.
In Admiral McRaven’s speech he talks about being your best in your darkest moment. I think that is very important. I think it shows really great character when you’re your best in your darkest moment. If you’re great in your darkest moments you’ll be that much greater in your best moments. It is super important to show good character in your darkest moment because it shows the world that it cannot break you. It shows that you have something different that is not of this world. I think that when you’re in your darkest moment a breakthrough is about to happen you just have to persevere through the bad stuff
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