Reflex Systems Case Essay

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Reflex System sold exercise equipment to high school and colleges and to smaller- and medium-size businesses for recreation centers. It has 310 salespeople and its low prices won a lot of sales, but follow-up service was uneven. The new customer relationship management software (CRM) system promised to resolve those problems and the CEO ordered the installation of the system immediately.
Henry Rankin was responsible for the technical implementation of the system for the western and eastern sales offices in L.A. and Chicago and was given ten weeks by boss, Nicole Dyer, the Senior Vice President for Information Technology. His possible promotion in two years, when his boss retires, depended on his success with the project.
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This reason why I wouldn’t want him to exhaust him or is his team is because it can lead to breakdowns, stress, and lack of sleep, flaws in their work or physically problems.
Rankin display Type A behavior. He is very responsible, and he likes his job position. He wants to be a leader. Henry likes to feel powerful and he likes to have control on everything. This is a good and bad feature. Good, because this is feature for good leader. Bad, because it’s can cause stress-related problems for him and his work team. Rankin is under time pressure. This task demand is very stressful. Henry is trying to push his team to the limit. It is a big pressure for him and his coworkers. This cause conflicts between Henry and his team. Employees believe that Henry does not understand them. And that he is focus only on his project and his performance.
Henry Rankin really needs a break. He has to calm dawn, take some rest, relax and then finish his project. His team needs this even more. They don’t sleep well and they are stressed. By fatigue comes to conflicts between them. I think that it was a big issue for Sally Phillips. This could help her to made decision of leaving the company. People have to feel important at work. They like to be a part of a team, but one that will understand their needs. Henry could be friendlier for his coworkers. They would be more relaxed around him. Manager’s attitudes make a tremendous
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