Reform : Are Campaign Contributions Compromising The Intendent Judiciary

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Gabrielle Wright
George Buzzy
CJUS 500-B01 LUO
October 2, 2015

Judicial Selection: Part I. Reform: Are Campaign Contributions Compromising the Intendent Judiciary is an article by Adam Skaggs and You May Know the Law but I Own the Judge: Why Congress Can and Should Get Involved in State Judicial Election Reform, is an article by Jonathan Berman are the two articles are critiqued. They are both about monetary funds that are donated to campaign funds of judiciary election candidates. They both look at how large amounts of funds are donated by different entities for many different reasons. Most being for self-gain which lead to corruption in the system


Judicial Selection:
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Money is being spent on independent TV advertisement campaigns by special interest groups and political parties that are hoping to influence judicial races (Skaggs, 2010). Hundreds of millions of dollars have been raised for competitive state high courts candidates’ campaign, and tens of millions of that is spent on TV ads. In states such as Alabama, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas in order to realistically have a shot at becoming a forerunner in an election, candidates must be able to connect with the special interest groups and political parties that can help fund the campaign. The issue with the vast amounts of money being raised would be how this effects the candidate’s ability to effectively to do their job when they get on the bench. Will they be able to be unbiased on cases that involve the people and groups that supported and contributed to them getting into the position of power wearing the robe? I can see why one would worry. We live in a world where money can buy a lot of things, including people’s loyalties. A candidate become indebted when people invest money into them, because the reality of the situation is most people do things for self-gain. However we as people must have faith in people. We must do our research and learn about the people that we are electing into any position of power. No one should buy into the propaganda and extravagance that is been bought and sold to us. After we vote we must believe and trust in those that
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