Reformation And Riots. Throughout History, There Have Been

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Reformation and Riots Throughout history, there have been reforms and revolts of every stripe. However the most notable would be the renovations that took place in the nineteenth century and the riots that soon followed those changes. An example of these mentioned the radicals that had been involved in the civil unrest that had been caused by the poor working conditions and low wages of factory workers. This triggered retaliation by the “captains of industry” from the likes of Andrew Carnegie and Rockefeller. The issues of riots the factors are long hours, poor working conditions, and the threat of losing a job from going on strike, and low wages. If you were a worker in this…show more content…
As a consequence, of a steel mill owner like Andrew Carnegie, only caring about how to keep the mill running efficiently and keeping costs low, many of these “robber barons’ resolved this problem by squeezing the amount of money that running the mill would be or having to replace machinery. Instead, they kept the old machinery; this eventually leads to most American steel companies to go out of business later down the line. American steel finally ran its course, as other countries began to develop and have their industrial revolutions. These countries soon would pass up the American steel industry and replace American as the leader in steelmaking and production. Because of the horrid working conditions, many workers went on strike the demonstrate their unrest at the dangerous situations in the factories and of course the long hours. Unfortunately, the moment that the workers decided to go on strike they were instantly fired from their jobs. However, some employees disagreed with the strikers and decided to go to work. These people were known as “scabs” along with the scabs, factory managers hired immigrants to replace the employees that have been fired for going on strike. The constant threat of losing a job for going on strike was always there for factory employees. An example of this would be the Haymarket riot in which many workers walked out of the plants, and decided to
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