Reformation Gun Laws

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The Needed Reformation of Gun Laws in the United States of America
In America today we are faced with a choice, to protect our population with regulatory procedures concerning guns or to stand back and allow the current trends of voluntary violence to continue to ravage our country. As the number of deaths by violent firearm interactions rise our country has a moral obligation to attempt to better our systems. The reality is, in order to support the desire for a safer country we must increase the regulations and laws that surround the possession and purchase of firearms. There are those who oppose this out look, but the evidence from mass shootings, death numbers in correlation with the number off guns in a given area, and suicide survival
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Lemieux found that there is significant evidence that “mass shootings and gun ownership rates are highly correlated… and that this association remains high even when the number of incidents from that United States is withdrawn from the analysis,” (Lemieux 82). This quote emphasizes the point that the number of guns in a community has a direct relationship with the amount of mass shootings that occurs in a certain area. The United States has a leniency in gun policies that allow for there to be an astronomical number of mass shootings every decade. If the United States were to model the gun laws after some of the other countries in the world there could be a higher chance of the mass shooting rate going down. Such countries as “Australia [have] not experienced a mass shooting since 1996 when it implemented more rigorous gun policies in response to the Port Arthur massacre,” (Mata 174). Australia isn’t the only country whose gun policies have kept mass shootings from filling the gun records; Mata’s research has uncovered that Great Britain and Switzerland have also shown positive progress. Countries other than the United
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