Essay about Reformations of School

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Reformations of School Education plays a fundamental role in the development of any nation. History is witness that those nations who did not recognized the importance of education were doomed, and education played a key role in the success of the developed nations. A successful country like America faces many challenges regarding education. Some of these challenges are: how to better achieve educational opportunity, and to find ways to deal with such problems and educational dilemmas for American children. To find the answers and solutions to these problems we can not ignore the dialogue of reforming of schools, instead, new ways of education, restructuring of American schools, and recommendations to improve might be the only answer …show more content…
School days are very short and because of poor standard in teaching students lack the opportunity to learn material in efficient ways. Some of the recommendations to make the system more efficient are to increase the number of days in school year, students should be allowed to take special courses and they should not be restricted to stay in general educational programs only. To make the curriculum strong it should include the maximum number of required academic courses. The requirements have to be very content. There has to be tougher disciple and smaller classes in order to eliminate the problem. Policies and programs should be controlled, and counselors should have to have control over curriculum, and how the teaching occurs.

Other recommendations to improve education include strong leadership by principals of school. Along with the teacher’s proficiency in the area of teaching, there has to be staff harmony. To motivate teachers toward these changes, their school life style has to be upgraded too. Teachers should have their own office their own phones and better working conditions and attractive salaries. State should get greatly involved in the public education as well. Graduation requirements for students should be set by the state, and local districts should also have the ability to control schools. Local counselors should be given more authority and they should be authorized to hire or fire principals. Parents with low incomes who are unable to give their
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