Reformed Education Research Paper

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Views on Reformed Education
A Christian education is more than just imparting knowledge about God and His creation. Proper Christian education is the raising of God's children in the fear of the Lord. It is the work of developing character, Christian attitudes, establishing biblical thinking patterns, and godly living in the hearts and minds of our covenant children. It is the passing down of knowledge from God-fearing parents to their covenant children. It should be Christ-centered and scripturally sound.
In Article 57, Baptism is a covenant between God and His people containing two parts, a promise and an obligation. We and our children are conceived and born in sin and therefore subject to God's wrath. He commands those who are His, to be baptized with water into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit (Mt 28:19). This is a sign to us that as water washes away dirt from the body when we pour it on us and as the water is seen on the body of the baptized when sprinkled on him, so the blood of Christ does the same thing to the soul. Parents promise, to the best of their ability, to raise their child in the fear of the Lord and to provide them with a reformed education. As young children, not yet in school, our parents
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They have the privilege of planning and then implementing the program into classes every day. A teacher sets the tone of their class room. They should nurture students, be their mentors and set a good Christian example. Children mirror what they see, especially young children. The teacher should encourage their students to do the best they can with the gifts and talents that God has given them. A good teacher is able to engage the student and be able to teach in a way that everyone will
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