Reforming The United States Prison System

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Nathan Brand
AP English 11
Ms. Westphald

Reforming the United States Prison System

The United States is the largest jailer in the world. With only 5 percent of the world 's population and a disproportionate 20 percent of the worlds prison population the United States also has the highest incarceration rate in the world (Chamman). In fact one in every one hundred and ten adults in the United States will be incarcerated. Many of these adults will return to prison later in their life (ACLU). The Prison Crisis has become a recent phenomenon as from nineteen seventy four to two thousand and fourteen the prison population has increased four hundred and eight percent.

The Prison System does not nurture the rehabilitation of prisoners well. A vindictive prison culture is created that nurtures violence. The United States prison system has the largest rate of people to return to prison (Williams). For many prisoners incarceration makes them more likely to return to prison (ACLU) For others prison leads to traumatic violations of rights such as rape, malnutrition, and systematic disparity.

Through the obvious statistical evidence of the United States Prison system and the exploration of detrimental prison culture it becomes apparent that the system needs to be reformed. Prisons are not cost effective and they do not provide the right correctional help. The United States prison system is deeply flawed. Prison creates a culture that is detrimental to prisoners and all

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