Reframing Fear Research Paper

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Reframing Memories of Fears and Phobias

Fears and phobias are a common experience that are normally based on past events. Often, your fear or phobia is caused by seeing a horrible event, your parents' influence when you were young or experiencing a traumatic event. If you remember the event that caused it, it is slightly easier to treat the phobia. Many people are unable to remember the traumatic experience that led to their fear, although the memory is still stored in the subconscious.

In order to treat and alleviate a phobia, you must be able to access the key event that began the fear. Modern medical treatments are unable to source early memories or fears, but hypnosis is designed to do exactly this. With hypnosis, you can access your subconscious where all of the memories are stored. During your session, you will be able to work with the memory to reframe the way that you remember it.

A phobia seldom gets better on its own. Without some type of treatment, it can grow out of control until it affects every aspect of your life. Due to this, you must be proactive in dealing with your fears. Hypnosis allows you to identify the event that catalyzed the phobia. As you uncover the events and situations that triggered these symptoms, you will be better able to reduce your fears.

How It Works

The human mind is an
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You do not remember the event, but your subconscious recalls it. Your mind basically exaggerates the fears that you experienced as a way to guide you and keep you safe. For phobias, this guidance attempt is misguided because the fear is blown completely out of proportion. With anxiety hypnotherapy, you are able to access the actual memory of the event and completely transform the way that your mind remembers it. Due to this, your subconscious stops sending you “fight or flight” responses and stress hormones in response to your
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