Refugee And Immigrant Children: A Comparison'

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Refugees are people who are coerced to flee their homes, for fear of persecution. There are many reasons that they need to flee including race, religion, nationality and political opinion.(Gevert). Ha was forced to flee Saigon and had to leave her old life behind, because of their view on communism. This meant Ha would have to go to a new school with new people, like many other refugees around the world. Ha like many other refugees have to adjust to their new schools, while having no friends to back them up from society's racism. Refugee children have trouble adjusting to their schools and friend groups, due to the racism in many communities, but are eventually able to reconstruct, like Ha in the novel Inside Out and Back Again. Many refugees are discriminated and bullied because they look and speak different than everyone else. This makes them feel inside out. In the article “Refugee and Immigrant Children: A Comparison” by Ana fantino she states, “Refugee children may encounter society’s discrimination”.This holds true to many refugees including Ha. A time when Ha felt this discrimination is when the school bully, pink…show more content…
This could help them feel back again. In the article “Children of war” by Arthur Brice one teen, Amelia said, “Here, people don’t judge you by your religion”. Amelia is lucky to have a supportive community behind her. A time when Ha felt recognized was when, “The honey-hair girl takes her pink ribbons and knots pigtails in my hair”(Lai 190). This was a good time for Ha because someone had finally shown that they wanted to help her.Another time when Ha felt this recognition is when Vu Lee bought his motorcycle because, “Someone is always hoping Vu Lee will offer a ride” (Lai 229). This made Ha feel better when Vu got his bike, because people started to respect her. Just like Ha, Most refugees just want to fit in in their small communities and normalize their
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