Refugee Challenges

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There are many challenges that refugees face fleeing home, finding home, and moving to a new country altogether. Some refugees have been abused in their own country, and some have been persecuted. Others have lost their country because of war. Refugees have no choice but to flee and find home and this turns them inside out and back again. In Inside out and back and again Ha experienced many of the challenges that refugees face. Some of the challenges that she faced were adapting to a new life in the US, making friends, and finding home, these challenges that Ha faced also reflect on the universal refugee experience.
People from all over the world face traumatizing experiences that cause them to leave their home countries. War, famine, natural disasters, persecution, and discrimination are just a few of the reasons people flee. For example, in the excerpt from “Children of War,” the author states, “the war in the Balkans has caused grievous suffering for millions of people” (Brice). Inside Out and Back Again represents that universal experience as well when Ha states, “people run and scream Communists!” (Lai 68) which refers to how the war has led the Communists to take over Ha’s home of Saigon. Clearly Ha is experiencing what refugees all over the world experience when they have to flee their home countries because of war.
All refugees face many challenges when fleeing home. Some challenges that they have to face are loss of a family member or trying to adapt to a new
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