Refugee Life And Its Effects On Society

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What’s refugee? Refugee are people fleeing conflict or persecution and their life and freedom are at risk. In 1985 theirs big fight between community and government. Bhutan is small country rule by King. Why people have to leave their country Bhutan? Everyone should be follow king rule. Community people don’t want to join their culture and left own culture. Since 1985-1989 community don’t want join theirs culture so, king give order to leave their country as refuge life in Nepal and their known as Bhutanese refugee. King order to Bhutan army to provide bus who want leave order easily, if they don’t want leave so army can force or put in jail. In 1989-1990 Bhutanese have to leaved their country as refugee in Nepal. In 1990-91 Bhutanese came Nepal as refugee life and make small shelter in river .in 1992 refugee life is totally change because flood came and destroy everything , and 1,000 of people have to loss their life . After they loss everything they moved to camp. How many camp refugee live and what is the population of camp as refugee? First of all I will tell about population, Bhutanese refugee in camp as 109, 777, 18,174. Bhutanese live as seven (7) camp. What are the seven camp name?
In camp lots of people living there now , in that situation they don’t have anything to eat or place to live and lots of charity help and special Red Cross, World Food Department, United Nation High Commission for Refugee, Caritas , Lutheran World Federation , Association of Medical
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