Refugees And Stateless People Essay

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Refugees and Stateless people as development challenges

The global refugee crisis poses significant developmental challenges across the world. When people are dislocated from their community, they are forced to abandon the life and the community they built, the businesses they have established and the social institutions supporting them. Refugees often end up in camps with no opportunity to work, run a business, educate their kids or build a meaningful life. This not only represents a waste of great economic potential but also the trampling of their human rights.

The developmental challenge of the refugee crisis is also felt by host countries. The majority of the world’s refugees are finding home in other poor countries where resources and economic opportunities are already scarce. In 2017, the top refugee host countries globally are Turkey, Pakistan, Lebanon, Iran, Ethiopia and Uganda, countries with significant developmental challenges of their own. In addition to the resource burden from the refugee flow, these countries also need to contend with the conflicts and imbalances that come with the flow of large numbers of people into communities that are already struggling to maintain peace and resource usage. Increasingly the problem of the refugee crisis and the violation of their human right are becoming global as evidenced by the flow of millions of refugees to Europe that has caused significant political, economic and social tensions.

Statelessness severely
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