Refugees In Australia Essay

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A refugee is defined as a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war or persecution. Since the communist victory in Vietnam in 1975, Australia has become a desirable location for hundreds of thousands of refugees as a result of the pleasant lifestyle and an abundance of employment opportunities. The experiences of Indochinese refugees in the 1970’s and present day refugees contain both similar and contrasting elements. Refugees no longer flee from countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos instead they arrive to Australia from war-ravaged nations in the Middle East such as Iraq and Syria. Nevertheless, these countries are all victims of war and people continue to seek refuge as a consequence of conflict and fear…show more content…
Every human being is created in the image and likeness of God and therefore should be treated accordingly. Equality and social justice are additional factors that contribute to the response of Australian society in welcoming refugees throughout history. The vietnamese refugees of the 1970’s were welcomed by society in an attempt to shift away from the ‘White Australia Policy’. Charities and church organisations such as the Australian Red Cross also provided assistance with clothing, housing and other required adjustments for example education. These positive elements created fairness and equal opportunities for the refugees. However, some individuals remained loyal to the White Australia policy and were racist and discriminatory towards the easily identifiable refugees. Even members of the Catholic church persisted to be intolerant of refugees. Nevertheless, in present day, the Church is significantly more accepting of refugees by supporting charities, increasing awareness, working alongside refugees and providing aid to asylum seekers. Within the general society, some groups and individuals are still unfortunately racially prejudiced because of their lack of knowledge. However, a large percentage of the population are accepting of refugees; often indulging in foreign cuisines and continually strengthening or creating international relationships. The fair treatment and equality for all human beings has a notable impact on both the Church's and Australia’s perspective regarding
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