Refugees Of The Arab Spring

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Refugees Crisis in Europe In December 15 of 2010, a Tunisian citizen burned himself to draw public opinion to the bad economical situation in Tunisia. This was the first spark of the Arab Spring, which began in Tunisia and continues to many Arabian countries such as Libya, Egypt and Syria. The Arab Spring has affected many innocent citizens around the Middle East. The Arab Spring’s purpose was seeking better life. However, civil wars and lack of safety turned The Middle East into a dangerous environment to live. Suffering ethnic wars and random aerial bombardment forced those citizens to run for their lives looking for a better environment to live and raise their children. Most of these affected countries are located close to the European union countries specially Turkey, Greece and Italy. The European union decides to help those countries by relocated those huge numbers of refugees to other member countries. Considering the unstable situation in the surrounding countries, Europe is the only safe refuge for those innocents’ refugees. This huge displacement has affected the European economy since those desperate people are looking for shelters and job opportunities. Some of The European Union countries are either surviving economical issues or already have a corrupted economy. An increasing number of refugees crawl to Europe. The EU had to come with a plan to distribute the refugees among its countries as a fair quota for each country depending on country’s economical
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