Essay about Refuting Objections to Direct Realism

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Refuting Objections to Direct Realism Introduction Realism is the form of perception in which it is believed that there is an external world outside of our own minds. It is the belief that regardless of what we may belief is true of false, the external world is independent of these beliefs. There are two forms of realism which are direct and indirect. In this essay I will argue that direct realism is a more plausible theory of perception than indirect realism by refuting the main arguments against direct realism. I will begin by briefly describing direct and indirect realism and follow with countering two of the main arguments indirect realists use against direct realists. Direct Realism vs. Indirect Realism Direct Realism is the belief…show more content…
P3: It is not possible to perceive all of an object at once, only a section of its exterior surface. C: We do not directly perceive material objects and therefore direct realism is false. The issue with this argument lies within the second premise which claims that in order to perceive an object, all parts must be observed at once. This claim is invalid as perceiving an object does not require all parts to be observed as once just as reading a book does not require all pages to be read at once or visiting friends does not require all friends to be visited at once. In the direct perception of an object we do not see the whole object, however only a section. It is correct that we may not recognise or identify the object we are perceiving, however it is not true that in doing this we are not in fact directly perceiving the section of the object exposed for observation. There is no reason to assume that direct perception does not occur unless every angle and layer of the object in question is observed and therefore the partial character of perception argument is invalid. The Argument from Hallucination A second argument against direct realism, which is most commonly used, is the argument from hallucination, as follows ; P1: Tom sees a green tree P2: Tom is hallucinating-there is no green tree P3: The tree that Tom sees is not an external material object P4: The hallucination is extremely detailed and exactly resembles, is identical to, a true

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