Regal Carnation Essay

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The Regal Carnation Hotel, Guam

Problem Statement:
Steve McKenzie a management consultant from New Jersey reflected back on his Easter Holiday trip where they stayed at The Regal Carnation Hotel in Guam. He remembered the false advertisement of the website, many missed opportunities, and the lack of management and customer service on a vacation that over promised and under delivered. He contemplated writing a letter to the Hotel owners and management, although he may not personally receive something in return, knowing he may be able to make improvements on future travelers was motivation enough.

Key Issues:
1) Management/Customer Service
2) Website Content
3) Lack of return visitors (distance, target audience)

With Steve’s
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This is an example of poor management and lack of commitment to properly train their employees or interns. This is a result of an increase in the check in process, which will deter customers from returning.

Once the couple started to get settled into their room, a number of different incidents occurred that could of easily been handled with a properly trained staff that executed 5-star customer service. McKenzie asked for a luggage rack, which was promised immediately and never delivered to his room. McKenzie also made several requests that extra pillows be brought to his room, which were promised and were failed to deliver (Kayalar). With key persistence he was later told, “the hotel did not have extra pillows available.” I want to note that the hotel was not at full capacity, so if proper customer service was instilled in the employees a trip to a vacant room for a pillow could have easily solved this request. The couple in turn requested towels to use to bulk up the flat pillows. Thankfully, the towels were delivered, however, the employee did not address their inconvenience and in fact never said a word or had a smile on their face. Customer service is not only providing the material, but it is also having the face of the employee that is representing the company or business to make a good impression on the guest or client. Another issue with the room was the restocking of everyday

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