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Problem Statement
The Regal Carnation Hotel in Guam is suffering customer service failures. Additionally, the expectations set forth by Regal Carnation Hotel’s website are not being met.

Hypothesis 1:
There is a level of inequality that exists with respect to how guests are treated based on their nationality. Once Steve McKenzie and his wife arrived at the hotel they were very disappointed by the check in process that was supposed to be very quick and simple. The check in process took 25 minutes and should have been much faster since there were 2.73 employees per guest. The main problem with check in was the young Japanese women working the front desk who apparently were interns who had a very limited knowledge of English. Since
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When you think of a three star hotel at the very least McKenzie would’ve expected to have a clean room. It was being described as having stained carpet that was pretty worn. The three star image that was being publicized on the website was a total farce in comparison to what he saw. Not only that but it was a daily struggle to even have the bed sheets changed every day. A sign was needed to be place on pillow, a sign that was tucked away on a shelf in the bathroom. Now, a very interesting part about this was the interaction McKenzie had with the staff that really strengthens the claim of staff not being held to three star standards. One major thing is the dishonesty. McKenzie had not only been lied to about having pillows delivered to his room, but he had other instances of deceit and dishonesty. McKenzie and his wife had called down to the front desk and wanted to acquire a luggage rack. Not only did they have to describe what a luggage rack was to a hotel but they also were promised one would be sent to them. It was a promise that was not fulfilled. Many times McKenzie would run into the employees in the hallway and they were described as being unhappy, underpaid, and undervalued. He sometimes would hear those speaking English then when he tried to interact with them they would act as though they couldn’t understand him. Another key element was how many employees

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