Regal Cream Products : A Private Australian Company Trading As Bulla Dairy Foods

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Regal Cream Products is a private Australian company trading as Bulla Dairy Foods (Bulla). They own five percent of the market share of Ice Cream in the Australian market, against competitors such as Nestle and Streets. This plan assumes that Bulla is seeking to increase market share and will address the initial stages of market share appropriation – increasing brand awareness, preference and intention to purchase.

The plan was based on a combination of a brief provided by the client and some independent market research.

It was established that this IMC plan be based on three key objectives;

1. Increase brand awareness by 30% amongst target audience by February 2015
2. To obtain intention to purchase Real Dairy Ice Cream among 10% of target audience 2 by July 2015
3. Increase brand preference by 20% amongst target audience by February 2016

The media strategy will be developed around the key campaign “Bulla is for Ice Cream” and will consist of sales promotions, direct marketing, interactive marketing, print and broadcast.

To achieve these objectives, Bulla must develop a message strategy (Bulla is for Ice Cream) that is consistent with it’s brands value proposition, with a particular view to increase awareness, preference and trial.

It recognises Bulla’s strong brand and value proposition and recommends leveraging off this. It presents a set of viable communications solutions that will increase brand awareness, which will, in turn, increase market share.
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