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1. Case: Lois Country: Portugal
Lois is a 32 year married woman and has three children; two boys aged 8 years and 5 years, and a 3-year old girl. She was born into a middle class Portuguese family. She represents a non-linear education trajectory. She completed her basic schooling when she was 15 years old, and joined high school. However, she had to drop out due to financial difficulties. Following this, she started working as a waitress in a restaurant. She left the job after two years, and has been working in a local lodge as a helper (waiter, housekeeper) since then. She represents a linear working class trajectory. She met her husband when she started working in the lodge. At the time of their first meetings, he was working as a local guide for the guests of the lodge. Lois got married to him when she was 22 and he was 25 years old. She had her eldest son when she was 23. She had been living with her parents until the time she got married.
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Lois’s trajectories show that she has been dealing with difficult circumstances such as dropping off from high school or working since teenage. These events can be related to a weakness in the welfare system of the country she is living. However, these trajectories were just “normal” for her as she was already habituated with them. One of the reasons that she married and entered motherhood in her early twenties can also be linked to the idea that she already had started living like an adult since her teenage. The transition to motherhood was simply a normal, natural process for her like any other woman would want to start a family. It is also significant that there was support from her parents and extended family during her transitional period, which is common in Portugal. Family cohesion. especially from extended family has been an important element in the parenthood and upbringing of
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