Regardles Red Car Analysis

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This specific piece of art looks weird and out of place in it’s setting, creating unsettling contrast, as it is behind the Milwaukee art museum-a beautiful, sleek, and clean cut building. It is also in the middle of a field next to the beautiful lake, which is such a nice light hearted place. However, this sculpture is the opposite, and intentionally so. About 30 feet up in the air, there is a full-sized red car wrapped around a poll. The car is missing a rear view mirror, has a shattered windshield, dented in hood, and bent at an impossible angle. It is almost folded completely in half, giving the viewer the impression that it is two cars, not one at first glance. When looking at the car, someone can’t help but wonder if it was placed there for drunk driving awareness, to remind casual lake visitors that life is precious and short, or simply there because some artist really wanted to bend a car.…show more content…
It has outstanding natural light that occupies every corner. It is a beautiful, comfortable, and functional learning space, putting student’s needs first and also prioritized the environment through various eco-friendly measures. The building was made not just to impress, but also to teach. It contains various open beams, suspension systems, elevators with windows to see the shaft, and countless other tools to help professors show their students the elements of a well-constructed building. The structure evokes a feeling of prestige, making everyone feel welcome, and inviting visitors and occupants to observe various labs as they walk through the hallways. The building is a forward-learning facility, designed to inspire people to create and innovate. It is a focal point on campus, and a wonderful learning space for everyone fortunate enough to have a class or lab
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