Regeneration Analysis: the Relationship of Rivers to One of His Patients

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Consider the relationship of Rivers to one of his patients (e.g., Prior, Burns, Sassoon). What challenges does the patient present to Rivers and does Rivers overcome those challenges?
As Rivers is a psychiatrist at Craiglockhart, his perceptions of the world are altered by the patients that he treats. Characters such as Prior, Burns and Anderson influence the doctor, but the person who changes Rivers the most is Sassoon, the author of the declaration. Sassoon challenges Rivers on a personal level, changing his viewpoint towards the conduct of the war and its effects on individual conscience.
At the beginning, the relationship between Sassoon and Rivers is challenging, but later results in a friendship. Before meeting Sassoon, Rivers
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Rivers worries that if he survives, he would not be able to avoid a real nervous breakdown. Rivers admits that even though his job is to change the soldiers ' minds and persuade them to fight, Sassoon has changed himself without the intention of doing so. A great change takes place in Rivers ' soul. He realizes that all of his previous attempts to become more extroverted and sociable person did not work out, since they were "introverted." Rivers evidently needs to spend some time with friends and think less about himself. He finds these friends in the face of Sassoon, Burns, Prior and the other patients of Craiglockhart. As a consequence, the desired change takes place in Rivers ' character. Rivers remembers that in his youth he had been conservative in his personality and has performed what was expected of him. Now, though, he has become a more outspoken person and begins to think that the government has not solved all the issues involved in the conduct of the war. He hints that he may defy the system himself, believing that "the rebellion of the old might count for rather more than the rebellion of the young." The realization that the declaration of Sassoon had not made an observable change upsets Rivers. He hopes that one day Sassoon 's beliefs would make a difference. Again, Rivers becomes sad, when he realizes that he has not actually helped his friend. Back on the front, Sassoon would
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