Regeneration By Sassoon

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Regeneration Context: Actor in movie Subject Matter: Sassoon’s truthfulness about his experience In the war. Role: Actor in movie, questioning how Siegfried Sassoon goes about discussing his experiences and feelings. Is he really being truthful about the war and himself. Scene: Person sitting on couch Actor: Siegfried Sassoon is a very emotionally open character, he has no trouble at all communicating about the trauma and experiences he has dealt with, this could probably be attributed to him being a poet, as he already openly talks about his personal experiences in his writing. But it seemed he isn’t really being truthful about his experiences, while he is acknowledging he was affected by some of the situations he encountered which were manifested thought his…show more content…
But then one of the paradoxes of being an army physiatrist is that you don’t actually get very far by ordering your patients to be frank” Sassoon: “I’ll be as frank as you like. I did have nightmares when I first got back from France. I don’t have them now” Rivers: “And the hallucinations?” Sassoon: “Well, It was just that when I woke up the nightmares didn’t always stop. So I used to see corpses, men with half their faces shot off, crawling across the floor.” Actor: Confiding this kind information in someone you have just met does seem unnatural, to be able to say that you have been having nightmares and hallucinating so openly. But this does give Sassoon some power, as he is quick to respond to what ever Rivers asks him, and that does seem to show that he is not affected by shell shock, but it also put him in control of all the information he gives, and leaves Rivers no clear way to dig deeper in to what he was feeling. This is something that he continues to do, controlling the information not by limiting what he says but by making sure Rivers finds nothing that would suggest that he is in fact shell shocked. Scene, page 252-253: “What happened started with a noise, a
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