Regeneration Sassoon

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Pat Barker, the author of this book, is an English author and novelist born in 1943. The Viking Press published this book in 1991. It has 288 pages. The book is very vaguely about former soldier in World War 1 by the name Siegfried Sassoon. The book documents Siegfried Sassoon's journeys and sights in a mental asylum for war-shocked patients, who are struggling to become sane, again, in a place called Craig Lockhart. It is there where he meets other significant personas that develop the book. The first is Sassoon who tells the story through himself and his personal experiences during his life. He plays an overly sympathetic role just like the real Sassoon. He stands by what he believes in and will not contradict himself in any way. You may even see him as just stubborn. Even though he goes back to the war he still stands by his views. For this reason he is much the fan favourite. The second is Dr Rivers. The main man in the hospital. He was a former anthropologist turned psychologist. His job is…show more content…
However, there are limits to the acceptability of male emotional interaction in the book. In Chapter 17 of the book, Dr Rivers lists an array of limitations. He proceeds to tell Sassoon that patriotism is very widely encouraged, "at the same time there's always a little bit of anxiety. Is it the right kind of love?" Homosexuality is very heavily foreshadowed. Dr Rivers states that during a war, the reaction to homosexuality would only be more intolerant and negative than in peacetime, as the authorities and society would want to make it clear and state that there are penalties and serious consequences for the wrong kind of love. In this case, homosexuality. From this perspective, love between men—and male emotional relationships are a smaller part of a larger thing that is decided to be socially unacceptable
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