Regenerative Therapy

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Regenerative Therapy Used to Cure After having a stroke, who wouldn’t want a way to recover and have movement in your arms and legs. Sonia Olea had a stroke at the age of 32 and had very little movement on the right side of her body (Stories of Hope: Stroke 2014). Her speaking was limited and was hard to do little things like making a phone call. Sonia didn't want to live like this anymore. A year later she got a phone call that changed her life. The doctors asked her if she wanted to do a stem cell-based clinical trial. Her answer was yes! Regenerative Therapy may be a game changer in the future of the medical world. It is necessary to understand what Regenerative Therapy is, the benefits, the economic impact, the risks, and a point…show more content…
For that reason, many people are not able to benefit from its advances and treatments. One reason is it is not made apparent to patients is due to the risks that are involved. Stem cells are taken from donors. There is a lack of donor history and a possibility of the rejection of cells when placed in another human. Disease susceptibility is also a risk factor (Risk factors in the development of stem cell therapy). Diseases can be transmitted to another patient from the donor. When stem cells are taken from one individual to another, there are also issues with storage and transport of…show more content…
The economic impact for her is great. She does not need to have care provided to her daily to help her complete the daily tasks of life. That 24 hour care of a nursing home or home health care is very expensive. The economic impact is huge just in this one case. Imagine how it can change the financial burden set on so many that experience strokes or spinal cord injuries (Economic Impact of Research). If regenerative therapy can help those with heart conditions, cancer, diabetes, and other age related diseases, it is sure to have a positive impact on the economy. Health care is very expensive, and if these changes can help prevent future illnesses, it will save a lot of money.
I believe that regenerative therapy would be beneficial to all patients. This therapy helps people live longer and treat cancer as well as other diseases. It may be expensive, but I believe the impact on the quality of life and helping future illnesses recur outweighs the financial burden of developing and implementing the
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