Regent Honeyeater Research Paper

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Regent honeyeater
(Xanthomyza phrygia)

The Regent Honeyeater, or Xanthomyza phrygia, is a critically endangered tiny bird native to open forests and woodland areas of North Western Australia. They are similar to hummingbirds, except that they incorporate fruit into their diet. The Regent Honeyeater is also known as is “Embroidered Bee-Eater “or “Embroidered Honeyeater.” As can be seen in the picture below, the male honeyeater is predominantly black with yellow trimming on the tail and wings. Females share similar coloring patterns, but are slightly smaller in size. Prior to reaching adulthood, young honeyeaters have a mixture of brown feathers.

Figure 1. The male Regent Honeyeater.

The range of the Regent Honeyeater extends from south-east Queensland(Brisbane) to central Victoria(Melbourne) Australia. They mostly occupy dry Box-Ironbark eucalypt woodland and dry sclerophyll forest associations in areas of low to moderate relief, wherein the prefer moister, more fertile sites. They usually nest in the canopy of forests or woodlands, and in the crowns of tall trees, mostly eucalypts. The …show more content…

If the area is further developed, the Regent honeyeater population will continue to plummet. Successful breeding patterns have begun to be observed here and researchers hope it will continue. Long term survival of the bird depends on maintaining the broad-leafed Ironbark (eucalyptus) and other winter flowering plants. These conservation efforts will have positive impacts on several other animal species including the koala and Swift Parrot as well and plants. Many stakeholders have become involved and strategies have been put in place. The plan is complicated and doesn’t expect to save the network, but rather offer a chance to preserve and slowly grow

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