Regents Cold War

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Regents Review: Cold War (1945-1989) • United Nations: After World War II ended, nations joined in forming the United Nations. The organization’s purpose includes peacekeeping, fighting hunger and disease and promoting education. • Although allies during World War II, the United States and Soviet Union entered into a period of distrust and competition after the War. Because the two never fought directly, this was known as the Cold War. • Countries in Eastern Europe (and the eastern half of Germany) fell under the control of the Communist rule of the U.S.S.R after World War II. Winston Churchill used the phrase Iron Curtain to describe the divide between the Capitalist West and Communist East. • America’s policy during this…show more content…
He also visited Communist China, for the first time since it became Communist. • President Carter arranged the Camp David Peace Accords between Israel and Egypt. (In the Middle East, America favored the country of Israel. The Soviet Union favored Israel’s Arab neighbors.) • President Reagan took a tougher approach towards the Soviets, including the planning of a massive satellite defense system known as Star Wars. The Soviets tried to keep up, but their economy collapsed, and so did their control. In 1989 (when George H.W. Bush was President), the Berlin Wall fell, ending the Cold
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