Reggae Is Not Only A Type Of Music

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For indigenous communities throughout the world, reggae is not only a type of music, but a culture. One of the most worldwide forms of popular culture, reggae is able to be found in many communities, such as Native American, Aboriginal Australian, Hawaiian and Pacific. Reggae has a very well known and well defined associated culture. It must be kept in mind the appeal of the Rastafarian ‘lifestyle’ associated with the reggae genre. For many youth in indigenous communities, this lifestyle may be seen as more attractive than the music itself, hence why the popularity of the genre in countries where youth are displaced, disenfranchised or displeased with social, political and economic conditions. However, the meanings in the lyrics attached to reggae music are reflective of these conditions. As a music and a culture, reggae is undoubtedly rebellious. Both the sound of reggae and the message within it convey a sense of struggle which many indigenous communities identify with. It is able to be used by indigenous communities as a platform to discuss shared experiences of colonial imperialism and supremacy, and examples of reggae differ depending on what community and country it was produced in. These groups have shared experiences of colonialism and subjugation by hegemonic (often white) powers. Reggae is popular in indigenous communities for both its sound and message. It is adopted and transformed by these communities to affirm particular indigenous identities whilst globally

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