Reggie Johnson: A Youth Life Cut Short Essay

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This is Reggie. Reggie was a victim of society. He felt he had no choice but to abuse drugs because his life was too much to bare. No one was there to help him and no one cared about how he felt until it was too late. He passed away alone in this cold hearted world, parched because of the excessive amount of ecstasy in his mouth, Feeling peerless and not loved by anyone. Its a shame our youth resort to drugs to solve their problems but sometimes they feel as if they don’t have a choice. Hopefully his death is a lesson to everyone on how much drugs can affect your life and how family is very important. Now all people can say about Reggie is “Reggie was so young and had so much to live for.” “Reggie was never the same after the …show more content…

While Austin was a basketball prodigy, Reggie was something of a 20th century Einstein, fascinated by the scientific world and all its theories and information that he had yet to discover. He was great in class but was horrible at all sports. AJ on the other hand was excellent in every sport. He excelled in basketball which is why he was his Dad’s favorite. Reggie didn’t like this and he didn’t like that despite the fact that he excelled in school that his dad didn’t treat him the same as his older brother. He wanted a way out. He didn’t feel like living life anymore. He was tired of the constant beating he would take from his father when he got home. Reggie was tired of getting into arguments with his dad and being abused both verbally and physically. One night, Reggie and his dad got into a big fight about how Reggie wasn’t what his father wanted and he wanted him out of his life because he was nothing but a “piece of trash”. He found this very hurtful and demeaning So Reggie moved out and lived on the streets. Resorting to the “thug-life”. He would often sleep in a trash can behind the drugstore. He began to smoke and drink heavily. At first he thought smoking and drinking were harrowing and lead to terrible outputs in life but, after a while he figured that there is nothing harrowing about it. You see because Reggie just wanted to be free. He began to degrade himself and his image. Drinking and smoking in clandestine with the Seniors and druggies behind the

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