Regime, Religion and Politics

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Regime, Religion and Politics
For many years, religion has been peripheral to the concerns of political philosophers, but it actually means the connection between human beings and God or gods, or whatever they consider sacred. On the other hand, there is another crucial factor called “Democracy”, which is by far the most challenging form of the state - both for politicians and for individuals. The term “democracy” comes from Greek language and it means “ rule by the people”. In this essay, I will mention about how religions and politics are intertwined these days, and the ways goverments try to find the best solution for managing people. My specific focus here will be religious law system called Sharia. I believe this system can be an alternative regime for humanity, thanks to the fact that Islam is the most equitable and fair management system. On the other hand, I will focus on democracy as a regime counted as the most fair policy, because it does not not intervene to people’s beliefs and requires equal treatment while managing the public.
It is known that ideology, religion and politics all shape people's attitudes about the way governments are organized and operate, as well as the roles of rulers and citizens. The relationship between religion and politics dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Back then, religion provided the basis for political authority around the world in the pre-modern period, but the question remains: is religion a reliable system for
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