Regina, Hook And Rumple's Once Upon A Time

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New Town, New Life, New Identities: A Look At Regina, Hook And Rumple's New Lives In 'Once Upon A Time' [Contains spoilers for Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 01: Hyperion Heights] There is no doubt that a fairytale ending is what every story needs. For Once Upon a Time characters, Regina Mills (Lana Parilla), Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle) and Killian Jones (Colin O'Donoghue), their stories haven't wrapped up quite the way you'd expect. In the Season 7 premiere, we see them living entirely different lives thanks to yet another curse. The trio are the only members of the Storybrook community that ended up in Hyperion Heights. They have no ties to each other, however, their one tie to Storybrook is Henry. However, they and Henry have no memories …show more content…

She has proven herself to be a devoted mother to son, Henry and an honorary member of the Charming clan. Regina is first seen in the prologue of the episode where she is concerned with Henry going off to search for his own story. She questions why he can't go to college first. Reluctantly, she watches him go off on his motorcycle through a portal into the Enchanted Forest. Fast forward to over a decade later, Regina was caught up in the fifth curse, like Henry, Hook and Rumple. She is now a bar keeper known as a Roni who struggles to keep Victoria Belfrey (Victoria Belfrey) away from her bar. A friendly woman, Roni befriends Henry when he enters the bar. They get talking when Roni sees Henry is having a bad day. When she asks about it, he comments: "Imagine if I walked through that door and told you I was your son." Roni pauses as if considering the possibility. She doesn't go any further with the idea, saying it would be a kicker if Henry was her son. She later stands up to Victoria, saying she won't let her [Victoria] bully her into submission. Killian Jones/Captain

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