Regional Pacific Super Power Is Not A Member, China

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One thing that you may notice about the TPP is that one regional Pacific super power is not a member, China. The TPP will cover approximately 40% of the world economy, and supporters of the agreement will say that these numbers will increase if it is a success. This can be seen as other countries limiting the power of China, and growing together to do so. This is a highly realistic reason for cooperation, and it has some support as China is proposing its own trade agreement in the region. China sees the TPP as something that may infringe on its power in the region, and so it is countering with a trade agreement of its own. You may also consider the agreement a liberal move for the member countries. If countries believe it to not be…show more content…
Moving on, we will touch on one last region of the world, South America. The Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) is a relatively new organization, only signed into legislation in 2008. It is directly stated to be modeled after the European Union, and is the most extensive of the political-economic that is mentioned in this paper. Former Secretary General Allan Wagner Tizón of the Andrean Community stated that a complete model like the EU would be possible by 2019. This is not something that has only been spoken, even the way it presents itself is significantly different from other unions. It delegates task to many nongovernmental organization (NGO), organization like the South American Council of Infrastructure and Planning of UNASUR (COSIPLAN) and the South American Council on Health of UNASUR (CSS). The later actually aims to promote price fixing across the continent as a “drug procurement process” and “consolidating a single information tool.” Again, the presence and prevalence of NGOs is that in the liberal mindset and directly takes power from the member governments. The ability to cheat among governments is thus lower, so cooperation is a lot easier. These NGOs will have the capacity to monitor all the resources of member countries, so cheating will be near impossible, and if it is possible, will be
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