Regionally-Aligned Brigade Initiative

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INFORMATION PAPER SUBJECT: INTEGRATION AND DEPLOYMENT OF REGIONALLY ALIGNED FORCES Purpose Understanding the development, integration and deployment of Regionally Aligned Forces initiative. Facts: In March 2012, Army Chief of Staff General Ray Odierno announced a new initiative that would align brigades with each of the six global combatant commands. This plan, called the Regionally-Aligned Brigade initiative, would allow Army units from the total military force, active duty, reserve, and National Guard, to more proactively and better support the needs of each combatant commander. At the same time, since training and specific leadership and other skills will be aligned regionally, more expertise will go towards the organization and soldiers who will be better trained for specific issues and specific regions of the world. The idea came about based on numerous deployment templates in both Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact, U.K. Colonel Andrew Dennis, an exchange officer assigned to the Army's G-4/5/7 office noted that this realignment would better organize the total military operation to deliver the "best capability it can to combatant commanders." Military planning and operations in the 21st century must take into consideration a number of different issues. One of the ways in which the late 20th century evolved was the change in economic, political, and cultural movements that, through technology, seemed to move countries of the world closer together.
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