Registered Nurse: A Career Analysis

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As a little girl I always dreamed I would grow up to be a ballerina or a beautiful princess. The older I grew and as I endured the craziness of life I quickly learned what my true calling was. A lot of life experiences contributed to my belief that I was born to be a great nurse. I knew without a doubt that my dream job was to become not only a nurse, but an exceptional critical care nurse. A huge turning point in my life was when I became a mother. My husband and I did everything to prepare for parenthood. What we didn’t know was that life had very different plans for us. On March 24th, 2008 we welcomed our beautiful son, Timothy John Constable into this world. He was born very premature, we watched him suffer and struggle and eventually take his last breath. When I think back to those extremely painful times the only positive I can remember is the sweet…show more content…
I needed to know what skills would be important, what education would be necessary, if there were any additional requirements. Some important skills include, effective communication, flexibility, critical thinking, desire to learn and attention to detail (Ericksen, 2015). Required level of Education for Critical Care Nurses is, “To become a registered nurse (RN), an individual must earn a diploma in nursing, an associate degree in nursing (ADN) or a bachelor's degree in nursing (BSN) and pass a national licensing exam. Requirements vary as dictated by each state's Board of Nursing. Many nursing schools offer students exposure to critical care, but most of a critical care nurse's specialty education and orientation is provided by the employer. Advanced practice nurses must earn a degree at the master's or doctoral level” (American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, 2016). Based on jobs ads for critical care nursing jobs, some additional skills required/preferred include, “Bachelor of Science in
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