Registered Nurse Application Essay

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I am writing to express my interest in serving as an RN at ABC Hospital. I am currently working in intensive care unit and pursuing my BSN. I am urging to serve as a RN at ABC Hospital because it is the perfect medical institution which will enable me to utilize my technical, interpersonal and communication skills and will surely enhance my caring, compassionate, and enduring abilities.
As indicated in my enclosed resume, I have earned by Associate Degree in Nursing from Houston Community College, Houston, TX, and I earned a certificate in Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation apart from being a registered nurse. As per the skills and experiences are concerned I can assure that my work experiences are thoroughly at tuned to the needs of the job position available in ABC
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Joseph Medical Center, Houston, TX and my primary responsibilities are providing care to the patients belonging to the adult and aged groups according to the plan of care and physicians’ recommendations, implementing nursing interventions to achieve progress towards expected patient outcomes, and several other important medical and supervisory roles including evaluation and documentation of patients’ response to nursing care and modification of treatment plans accordingly or to contact physician if it becomes the need of the situation. Moreover, managing pre and post care of patients undergoing diagnostic tests, procedures, and treatments is among my primary responsibilities. Apart from these pivotal responsibilities it is also my duty to assist in orienting and training of new associates, nurse interns, student nurses etc. Taking care of the patients in a compassionate yet efficient manner is my strength and years of experience in administration processes has helped me to enhance my supervisory and administration skills too, and I think all such capabilities are surely going to help me better in serving as RN in a more effective
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