Registered Nurses Are All Over The World

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Registered nurses are located all over the world, in a variety of health care settings, doing what I have learned to do over the past two years, and much more. They are essential to the well-being of health care and an important aspect of patient-centered care. They spend hours studying and are taught skills that are required for the line of daily duty they endure. I knew the importance of the registered nurse, however, I have been taught that there is so more to their role than just providing everyday care and administering medications. The ability of the registered nurse and the many roles he or she plays consists of but are not limited to being a caregiver, manager, educator, as well as an advocate. Caregiver Registered nurses are…show more content…
The registered nurse manager sees that the nursing staff is providing proper nursing care, following strict policy guidelines, as well as maintaining their budget and saving costs to avoid over-spending (Potter, p. 7, 2013). A manager is also responsible for being the leader of all nursing staff, whether that is in the hospital setting, nursing home, home health care, or other health care facilities. They are required to have professionalism, knowledge in advanced clinical practices, human resource management, financial stability, as well as coordination of patient care which is assigning patients to nurses, maintaining the workflow, and consistently monitoring the care and the quality that is being provided to their patients (Weiss, p. 19, 2015). Actually, teaching is also an important part that coincides with being a manager. Educator A registered nurse is required to continuously learn, even after he or she is finished with school. In order to be an educator, the nurse must have knowledge in whatever is it that their patients come in with that day. “As an educator, you explain concepts and facts about health, describe the reason for routine care activities, demonstrate procedures such as self-care activities, reinforce learning or patient behavior, and evaluate the patient’s progress in learning” (Potter, p. 7, 2013). An educator has the ability to provide information to his or her patients, as the patient needs it. It is an essential
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