Registered Nurses, Or Rn, Encompass A Holistic Concept Of Humans

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Registered nurses, or RN, encompass a holistic concept of humans, incorporating physical, emotional and social needs of the patient. Nursing is an occupation of great responsibility of well-being of patient while stressing the importance of the health maintenance as well as the treatment of illness. I’m intrigued by the aforementioned profession, nursing, because of my life devotion to helping others pursuit their well-being. Though, in the mist of assisting other, being a nurse you’ll be acquainted with equally touching lives and lives touching yours. I interested in being a nurse since I was 11 from a devastating. My younger sister was 7, and was diagnosed Acute Myeloid Leukemia. I remembered doctors and nurses explaining to the family the calamitous complications of the disease having on her body. What stunned me heavily was the inability to comprehend the severity of my little sister condition. I felt helpless and confined not being able to help her palliate the pain although she was accompany the dearest medical staff. Unfortunately, she died 4 months later of an infection. From there, I promised myself I will alleviate ones’ unwellness to my greatest of capacity as o never did for my sister, wholeheartedly. In retrospect, I greatly prepared myself for the college prerequisites courses in high school. Taking classes in advanced/honors chemistry, psychology, precalculus, and others basic classes significantly prepared me for college. According to, “How to Become a

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