Registered Nurses Play A Big Role

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Registered Nurses play a big role when it comes to patient care in the health care system. Registered nurses use a systemic, dynamic way to collect and analyze data about a client (The Nursing Process, ANA, 2014). As a nurse you are not just seen as a caregiver, you are also seen as an advocate to patients who need to be cared for. We as Nurses have responsibilities such as knowing the laws, EMTALA, HIPPA, ADA and so on. Each of those laws give us as a nurse the guidelines of what we are expected as nurses.
When you look at a health care system you see so many different things going on. You have all different patients dealing with all different things; some may be also be the same. One of the main things that patients may be in the hospital for is surgeries. Surgeries are all categorized by different things; you have urgency, the type that you are getting, where the surgery is happening, how aggressive it is, and the type instrument that is used as well.
We all know that with surgeries there is always a chance of complications that may occur, whether it’d be during, or after. The HAIs, Health Care-Associated Infections one of the most common infections are Post-operative in the healthcare system, these are known as Surgical Site Infections (SSI). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about 1 to 3 out of almost every patient that has surgery an infection does develop (FAQS about Surgical Site Infections)
What is it?
Surgical Site…
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