Registered Nursing Certification

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My name is Sergo Colin and am a junior nursing major working towards a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and then Registered Nursing Certification. I am from (City/State, Country) and currently reside in (City, State, etc.). I work as an Assistant Director of Nursing in a Skilled Nursing Facility. From an early age, I knew I was interested in helping people; my parents tell stories of helping to tend to the neighborhood animals, real or stuffed, and my fascination with anything with a medical theme on television. As I matured, I knew that I wanted to be in one of the healing professions, but it seemed to me that many physicians and specialists, while certainly a vital part of the healthcare paradigm, are more and more distanced from the patient due to staffing and fiscal issues. Modern nursing, though, has changed drastically from even a few decades ago. The modern nurse is no simply an assistant to the physician, but an integral part of the communication and advocacy process with the patient, the patient's family, indeed - all the stakeholders surrounding the issue of the best care possible for the client. When I decided that I wanted to pursue a degree in nursing and then move forward to certification and potentially more advanced nursing courses, I began to research nursing theory and help develop a personal philosophy for the kind of nurse I hope to be. To me, the best way to describe my personal philosophy of nursing and what I hope to accomplish is through the
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