Regression Analysis

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A Term Paper On BUSINESS STATISTICS 1 Submitted To Dr. Md. Abul Kalam Azad Associate Professor Department of Marketing University of Dhaka Submitted By Group Name: “ORACLES” Section: B Department of Marketing (17th Batch) University of Dhaka Date of Submission: 12- 04-2012 Group profile “ORACLES” | Roll No. |NAME | |42 | Imran Hosen…show more content…
Though we have tried best yet it may contain some unintentional errors. We hope, this term paper will come up with your expectation. We shall be glad to answer any kind of question related to this term paper and we shall be glad to provide further clarification if needed. Yours faithfully Group: ''Oracles'' Section: B 17thBatch, Department Of Marketing University of Dhaka. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT For the completion of this task, we can’t deserve all praise. There were a lot of people who helped us by providing valuable information, advice and guidance. Course report is an important part of BBA program as one can gather practical knowledge within the short period of time by observing and doing this type of task. In this regard our report has been prepared on ‘regression analyses. At first we would like to thank Almighty .Then to our course teacher for giving us the assignment helping the course as well as for his valuable guidelines. Last but not the least the wonderful working environment and the cooperation of group members that helped to complete the task with

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