Regret At My High School

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I never really thought about it until today. Today was the day I learned that Tony Weston, a kid that I went to high school with, had committed suicide a month after our graduation. I am 28 years old now, so graduation was ten years ago. The teachers at my high school hated me. I showed no effort in anything that I did and I was extremely obnoxious in class. They wanted to get rid of me as soon as possible just like my parents. My dad was in the Navy so he wasn 't home much. When he was, it was like our family were his men; he ordered us to do everything. He would always stare me down after he demanded something of me and I had to give the reply of, "yes sir." My parents got a divorce while I was in high school and that 's when
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We had to call the Navy to find out what happened. He distanced himself as far away from us as he could. He felt like I was a failure in his perfect Navy record and he couldn 't have that. He didn 't even want me to attend his funeral. My father couldn 't have me be the one to accept the perfectly folded American flag. I despised what I had become so when I could leave, I did. I am not like that anymore, I worked extremely hard to get into college and just barely got into the College of Staten Island in New York City. I worked very hard and graduated with high distinction. It wasn 't a great accomplishment since the College of Staten Island isn 't great school, but I was proud of it. It was the biggest accomplishment of my life. I now have a stable job that I love. Everyday I have the ability to save lives and help people out of rough situations. I remember helping this young girl who became separated from her family in a crowd of people after a Yankees vs. Red Sox game. She came up to me eyes filled with rolling waves of water. We walked around for hours on the stained cement that got colder and colder searching for her family. Just as we were going to head in, I saw a group of people walking yelling something. At first I thought they were some homeless people begging for money, but once we got closer I saw that they were well dressed and were calling a name. I ran over

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