Regret At My High School

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I never really thought about it until today. Today was the day I learned that Tony Weston, a kid that I went to high school with, had committed suicide a month after our graduation. I am 28 years old now, so graduation was ten years ago. The teachers at my high school hated me. I showed no effort in anything that I did and I was extremely obnoxious in class. They wanted to get rid of me as soon as possible just like my parents. My dad was in the Navy so he wasn 't home much. When he was, it was like our family were his men; he ordered us to do everything. He would always stare me down after he demanded something of me and I had to give the reply of, "yes sir." My parents got a divorce while I was in high school and that 's when my life took a turn for the worst. After graduation, I left town and headed for New York City to pursue a new life. I didn 't learn what happened to Tony until today when I got a card in the mail from Easton High School in the rural town of Easton, New York. An invitation to the ten year reunion for my class. On the inside of the invitation listed all one hundred fifty or so names of our graduating class. I hadn 't seen any of these people in ten years because I had never gone back to Easton since graduation day. My first reaction was that I was not going, so I threw the card in the trash. As I was doing this I saw a picture of Tony Weston on the back, picking it up I read, "A special tribute to our lost friend, Tony Weston." I had no idea…

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