Regret by Kate Chopin Essay

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Regret by Kate Chopin

In the short story "Regret" by Kate Chopin a woman called Mamzelle Aurélie has to keep a neighbour's four children for two weeks.
Mamzelle Aurélie is an old and lonely woman. She has never had a man and lives alone on her farm with some animals and Negroes working for her.
Because of a dangerous illness of her mother, the young neighbour has to leave and couldn't take care of her children anymore. This is why Mamzelle Aurélie, who has never ever has children before, has to keep them.
At the beginning she has great problems with managing those children. But after she a short period of time she starts realizing that humans need more than just food and a place to sleep at. She really starts to develop a
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One example for this is that the action takes places within a short period of time, which is quite precisely two weeks, and the place of action doesn't change; it only plays on the farm.
You could also say that the story features an important and critical moment in Mamzelle Aurélie's life and that there are just a few characters.
Another very important aspect is the symbol used in this short story. I suppose it is justified to say that the children are the symbol uniting all different aspects in the story. Before Mamzelle Aurélie had to keep the children she was leading a very lonely life. As the children were living with her, her life got a sense and she became a happy person. But after they left her she realized that she wasted her whole life and regrets everything. Through those children all the different themes of the story like family or loneliness come together.

Now this is the one hand, but on the other several typical aspects of a short story aren't part of the text.
Already at the beginning of the story we get to know a lot about the main character what gives you the impression of an introduction.
Additionally Mamzelle Aurélie isn't really an everyday person. She is very special and represents just a very small part of the readers.

But all in all my opinion is that the story features many typical elements and you can definitely call it a short
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