Regulate Gun Control

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Do you think that the government can't regulate how many guns you can own? The year 2015 was an all time high for gun sales, it was a smashing record of 23.1 million guns sold. As gun sales are increasing so is the rate of gun related crime. We should not be able to own whatever gun, of whatever quantity that we want.

The second amendment is not unlimited. The supreme court agreed that ¨the second amendment was not a right to keep and carry any weapon.¨ There are restrictions on what kinds of guns we can own and carry. If the government decided to regulate guns it would not violate the second amendment because, just like other amendments it can be regulated. For example, freedom of speech is regulated on what we can say to others, such as threats. Therefore the second amendment is not unlimited and can be regulated.
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States with weaker firearm laws attracts larger purchases. Gun traffickers will go to states with weaker gun laws and make big purchases, then sell them in stronger firearm lawed states. Firearms sold in ¨multiple guns sales” (selling more than one pistol per week) are often used for crime. In 1999, 22 percent of all handguns recovered in crime were purchased in multiple guns sales. Therefore limiting gun ownership will limit large
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