Regulate Gun Ownership

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In a considerable amount of societies, gun ownership is considered to be a fundamental citizen right while in the majority of others it's a highly restricted one. As I see it, gun ownership should and must be highly restricted and regulated.

First and foremost, the mere presence of a gun will most likely than not make a conflict more violent. If and when given the choice, the situation will more likely turn sour if someone involves a gun. To be precise, a woman's risk of being murdered increases 500% if a gun is present during a domestic dispute. Another key thing to remember is that as a matter of fact guns are rarely used in self defence.

Not to mention that, statistically, not only armed civilians are unlikely to stop crimes, but, what's more, are more likely to make a dangerous situation more deadly. With gun regulation, gun homicide and suicide will certainly lower.
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Costs such as court expenses, hospital bills and mental health care, law enforcement, etc. On the occasion of gun control, all those expenses will be cut down and a great amount of money will be saved. That money can be used for more important matters, such as the education
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